Grantmaking, investments and programs

We set clear grantmaking priorities based on our mission and cause areas and embrace innovation as a way to drive our charitable endeavors.

Grantmaking, investments and programs

People of PwC

We were founded as an organization fueled by the people of PwC. Their motivation to help each other and their communities inspires us to do even more. We support them in times of unexpected financial hardship and celebrate them in times of remembrance and achievement.

People Who Care Fund

Supporting the people of PwC in times of financial hardship through the People Who Care Fund has always been a unique aspect of the Foundation’s focus. This fund delivers emergency, tax-free financial assistance in the form of grants directly to the people of PwC, following an application process that includes a financial needs assessment.

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National Merit Scholarship Program

This program offers a one-time, non-renewable, $5,000 PwC Charitable Foundation scholarship to National Merit Finalists who are the children of PwC colleagues.

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Partner Remembrance Scholarships

Our Partner Remembrance Scholarships are non-renewable scholarships of up to $150,000 for students in need. They are created or endowed to honor the legacy of those who pass away while an active partner with PwC.

Reimagine Grants

Through the Foundation’s Reimagine Grants program, PwC US partners and principals can nominate charitable organizations whose philanthropic missions are aligned with that of the Foundation. Through this program, the Foundation is engaging the people of PwC to drive impact in key areas to benefit underserved populations in the communities in which we live and work. Eligible focus areas include closing the middle-skills gap, career services for transitioning veterans, and access to financial capability and technology skills.


We support and scale the work of innovative organizations that create better access and programs for the underserved, as well as prepare, train or re-credential talent for jobs in today’s changing economy so that educators, school leaders and non-profits across the country can transform education.

Total investment to date $3.25 million

Through a program-related investment, we created a digitized platform to scale PwC’s proven Earn Your Future™ financial literacy modules to five million teachers and students in underserved populations. Teachers and students now have access to blended learning materials both on the internet and through mobile apps through the new Earn Your Future™ Digital Lab open source platform.

MIND Research Institute

Total investment to date $3.2 million

Our grant to MIND Research Institute will provide educators and students with access to a custom-built, state-of-the-art digital curriculum that addresses both the financial literacy core competencies and the mathematics required to achieve those core competencies. Through this tool, we will measure and evaluate the financial competency and mathematical proficiency of over 500,000 of our nation’s youth in order to identify and remediate gaps in the understanding of each student, and increase the confidence of more than 21,000 educators to understand and teach the elements of financial literacy.

Feeding America

Total investment to date $2.3 million

Our longstanding relationship with Feeding America advances youth education in communities around the nation by ensuring hungry children do not fall behind academically due to hunger-related health problems. Working with their nationwide network, Feeding America distributes a portion of funding to their member foodbanks in communities throughout the US where many PwC colleagues volunteer their time to support local programs that fight youth hunger.

Build - In business to learn

Total investment to date $2.1 million

BUILD uses entrepreneurship to excite and propel disengaged, low-income students through high school to college success. We invested in BUILD to expand an entrepreneurship-based experiential learning program. PwC volunteers piloted the skills-based volunteer program to evaluate the National Mentor model and make it more scalable.

The History Makers

Total investment to date $1.6 million

By recording, preserving and sharing the life stories of thousands of African Americans, The HistoryMakers is a leader in helping to educate and enlighten millions worldwide through refashioning a more inclusive record of American history. Our support of The HistoryMakers is scaling access to the oral history of African American leaders by adding 7,500 hours of personal testimony to a digital archive and making this unique content accessible to schools nationwide.

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Total investment to date $1.6 million is an online charity that makes it easy for anyone to help students in need. Public school teachers from every corner of America post classroom project requests, and people can give any amount to the project that most inspires them. Our grant to launched education programs that have incentivized teachers to integrate the financial literacy curriculum into their classrooms and encouraged educators to include financial literacy as a core element of public school education.

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TIME for Kids

Total investment to date $6.25 million

A powerful teaching tool, TIME for Kids builds reading and writing skills and is easily integrated across classroom subjects, including social studies, science and math. Building on the success of our initial program-related investment (PRI) to create a new customized and innovative monthly magazine – Your $ – that brings financial literacy education to fourth, fifth, and sixth graders across the country, we’ve renewed our investment to continue delivering financial literacy education in a powerful and fun and engaging way.

National Women’s Museum of History

Total investment to date $370,000

National Women’s History Museum (NWHM) is the nation’s largest online cultural institution dedicated to telling the critical stories of women’s history and leaders, both past and present and is a leader in educating and enlightening millions of the distinct roles women have played throughout history and helping to create role models for our young people to aspire. Our support of the National Women’s History Museum is enhancing their tech-enabled website with advanced content capabilities for 21st Century learning modules that emphasize interactivity and revamped curricula and lessons, featuring optimized, virtual exhibits for mobile friendly user, and scaling access of this unique content to schools and teachers nationwide and increasing their user interface experience. PwC LLP is complementing the Foundation’s grant with pro bono technical advice and support to advise the investment in new interactive content, bringing considerable user experience expertise to optimize the platform.

National Women’s Museum of History

Total investment to date $3 million

The National Museum of African American History and Culture is dedicated to the documentation of African American life, history and culture. Our grant supports the development and design of the museum's digital education initiative – a three-year effort in which the museum will create 75 pieces of free dynamic, interactive online curricula tailored for educators and students in grades 6 through 12. Many of the exhibits in the National Museum of African American History and Culture are designed for visitors, young and old and in between, to immerse themselves in the lives and experiences of African Americans from early in our history through to today. The PwC Charitable Foundation’s gift will help amplify the museum's reach and share these experiences beyond the museum’s walls and into schools and communities across the country.


We’re helping to prepare communities for natural disasters and other tragic events, enabling progressive relief organizations to build capacity to respond more rapidly, and investing in cutting-edge humanitarian ventures that advance socially inclusive models of support.

Team Rubicon - Bridge the gap

Total investment to date $1.7 million

Since 2012, the PwC Charitable Foundation and the people of PwC have financially supported the deployment of Team Rubicon’s volunteers to areas devastated by disaster. We continue to work with them to increase the efficiency and capacity of Team Rubicon’s global disaster response efforts to more proactively support disaster victims and scale their operations and fundraising abilities.

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Team Rubicon Global

Total investment to date $1 million

Our multi-year grant will enable Team Rubicon Global (TRG) to accelerate the establishment of new Team Rubicon organizations overseas, ensuring their capacity to operate independently while continuing organizational alignment with guiding mission and values. This support will also address critical needs through the expansion of its Mobile Training Team, which mentors new TR organizations through the launch process and provides training and operational support to rapidly build operational capability, and ensures that volunteers from across the globe are prepared to meet the high standards expected from the organization. The PwC Charitable Foundation is excited to collaborate with TRG to advance its mission of providing veterans around the world with opportunities to serve others in the wake of disasters.


Total investment to date $160,000

Our grant to buildOn helped 75 inner city youths from New York, Philadelphia, Bridgeport, Chicago, Detroit, and Oakland participate in buildOn programs and contribute more than 10,000 hours of community service in their own neighborhoods. Additionally, the funding sent 12 young ambassadors from inner city programs overseas to help build schools in Haiti, Nicaragua, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Malawi and Nepal. This experience proved to be a transformational journey for the 12 students, who had never been outside the US before and were able to experience two weeks living and working among villagers to build schools for their children.

US Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Total investment to date $100,000

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (USCCF) is dedicated to strengthening the long-term competitiveness of America by educating the public on the conditions necessary for business and communities to thrive, and how business positively impacts those communities, as well as emerging issues and creative solutions that will shape the future. Our $100,000 grant will support the USCCF’s Disaster Help Desk in providing critical guidance and support to small businesses as they prepare for and work to recover from disasters, resuming their important role in the lives of families and communities.

American Red Cross

Total investment to date $1 million

The American Red Cross delivers vital services, from providing relief and support to those in crisis to helping people be prepared to respond to emergencies. Our grant of $1 million will support the American Red Cross’ efforts to enhance sheltering technology, including advancing the work of the Red Cross Visual Interactive Event Wizard data mapping and the National Shelter System. The grant will also support new volunteer training, materials and collaborations to provide enhanced sheltering services to support high need groups, including children and those with disabilities.

Social entrepreneurship

Our investments in social entrepreneurship are helping to scale and improve the work of the courageous leaders and organizations who are creating innovative technologies, building systems and designing promising solutions to attack some of society’s most challenging problems.

Points of Light

Total investment to date $4 million

We are a leading investor in the Points of Light Civic Accelerator, the first national accelerator program and investment fund in the country focused on “civic ventures,” for-profit and non-profit startups that include people as part of the solution to critical social problems. The three-month, boot camp-style program convenes 10 to 15 teams in person and online, with the goal of equipping each startup to seek investments and scale their social innovation. Some of the most recent cohorts focused on expanding opportunities to entrepreneurs that aim to serve women and girls, and on increasing technology adoption and financial inclusion for all to succeed in the Digital Economy.

Venture for America

Total investment to date $1.5 million

Venture for America has created a revolutionary model that is redirecting a generation of ambitious young people to the critical job of innovating and building new businesses. The VFA Fellows Program channels talented young people to cities like Detroit, New Orleans, Providence and others to train as entrepreneurs with the purpose to help companies succeed and create jobs in these communities. It also prepares our young people to go on to become the builders and entrepreneurs our country needs to thrive.

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We are making investments that can have a profound effect on underserved populations, including those who have fought for our country. That is why we have committed $10 million for a series of grants to support US veterans and their families over the next few years. The grants will focus on the areas of education, transition to the workforce, and professional development.

Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation

Total investment to date $1.7 million

The first organization to receive funding as part of our multi-million, multi-year commitment to US military veterans is the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation. Since 1962, the Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation has been “Honoring Marines by Educating Their Children.” The nation’s oldest and largest provider of need-based scholarships to military children, the Scholarship Foundation pays particular attention to those students whose parent has been killed or wounded in combat or has demonstrated financial need.

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FourBlock Foundation

Total investment to date $1 million

FourBlock helps returning post-9/11 service members make successful career transitions through veteran career development, recovering warrior support and job placement aligned with their skills. Through a multi-year grant, we are helping FourBlock expand into as many as 10 new large cities – building their reach, experience and capacity to advance education and re-credentialing to impact thousands of veterans.

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Hire Heroes

Total investment to date $889,000

Hire Heroes USA is dedicated to creating job opportunities for US military veterans and their spouses through personalized employment training and corporate engagement. Their vision is to maintain the nation’s most effective veteran transition and employment assistance program, modeling a process that will drastically decrease the unemployment rate of the men and women who served this country. Our latest grant with them will provide essential for compliance and professional training, utilizing a new technological solution, for the Hire Heroes USA staff to deliver efficient high quality services to meet the evolving needs of their veteran clients. PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector LLP and PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP) are complementing the Foundation’s grant with pro bono services to assist Hire Heroes USA improve its services and outreach through its website by creating a technology-enabled career and support solution to help Hire Heroes USA create scale in their reach and impact, enhance service delivery and drive empowerment to help veterans succeed.

Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services, powered by Fedcap

Total investment to date $1.2 million

Dixon Center for Military & Veterans Services, powered by Fedcap’s mission is to ensure the success of veterans and their families in their communities. Dixon Center connects veterans and military families with what they need for meaningful employment, education and overall wellness. Our $1.2 million grant will support Dixon Center’s efforts in assisting service members who are nearing the end of their military service make successful career transitions prior to their separation from the military.

Student Veterans of America

Total investment to date $1.2 million

Since Student Veterans of America’s founding in 2008, over one million veterans have returned home to pursue a postsecondary degree or certificate using VA education benefits. SVA is committed to supporting today’s and tomorrow’s veterans in their transition to education and employment. Through a multi-year grant, we are helping SVA execute a three-year research initiative that will explore the decision-making process for separating service members, with the intent of identifying potential opportunities and barriers to a successful transition from college into the workforce. The research will conclude with an adaptive decision tree framework that will provide a much needed tool for transitioning veterans to see through evidence-based research the best path forward to achieve their professional goals upon separation.

Center for Veteran Transition and Integration

Total investment to date $2 million

The Center for Veteran Transition and Integration’s (CVTI’s) purpose is to have direct and lasting impact on veteran transition and upward mobility by creating and providing access to the best tools and programming veterans need as they transition from active service to college and the workforce. Our $2 million grant will support CVTI’s efforts to lead and advance effective pathways for returning veterans for new careers in tomorrow’s evolving economy.