Cause areas

We are committed to supporting the people of PwC and addressing the societal issues that impact them, their families and their communities. By leveraging their knowledge, interests, goodwill and entrepreneurial spirit, we invest in scalable solutions to society’s biggest challenges in education and humanitarianism.

Cause areas

People of PwC

$8 million since 2001

The people of PwC are compassionate, caring, and motivated to help make a difference — and the Foundation amplifies that spirit. We support the people of PwC, and the communities where they live and work, in times of emergency financial hardship and unexpected challenges, and celebrate with them to honor their successes and achievements.

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$153 million since 2001

We address urgent issues in education by supporting programs that target and teach relevant technological skills for 21st-century employment. By supporting organizations offering innovative programming that inspires students, enrichens their minds and increases access to careers of the future, we are one step closer to leveling the education playing field and closing the opportunity gap.

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$42 million since 2001

The Foundation supports victims and their communities at each stage of an urgent crisis or natural disaster. We invest in programs that address inequalities in accessing resources and resulting disparities for underserved communities whose lives are often most significantly disrupted by these events. And, as disasters continue to become more frequent and more severe, we are taking innovative, tech-enabled approaches to assist communities in crisis.

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Special commitments

At the confluence of our cause areas, we are also focused on helping the underserved overcome growing problems in their communities, such as access to education and training, and/or access to networks of financial resources to maximize their potential.


By supporting those that have sacrificed for us today, we are helping build a better workforce, community, and country for tomorrow.

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$23 million investedsince 2001