Cause areas

We are committed to supporting the people of PwC and addressing the societal issues that impact them, their families and their communities. By leveraging their knowledge, interests, goodwill and entrepreneurial spirit, we invest in scalable solutions to society’s biggest challenges in education and humanitarianism.

Cause areas

People of PwC

$10.7 million since 2001

We support the people of PwC in times of unexpected financial hardship and celebrate with them in times of remembrance and achievement. We help fund the charities where they volunteer and engage them in our work.

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$47.7 million since 2001

We are driving educational change in the US by investing in innovative programs and collaborating with the organizations and transformational entrepreneurs who are developing them. We are tapping into intellectual capacity and scaling efficiencies that increase access to quality, cutting-edge curricula for underserved populations.

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$13.3 million since 2001

We respond with urgency and sensitivity in times of disaster and build more resilient communities through innovative ventures that advance preparedness and social inclusion. Our portfolio approach to disaster response – rapid response, preparedness and recovery – differentiates our charitable work in this area and, most importantly, provides more impactful assistance to the people and communities who need it the most over the long term.

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Special commitments

At the confluence of our cause areas, we are also focused on helping the underserved overcome growing problems in their communities, such as access to education and training, and/or access to networks of financial resources to maximize their potential.


With two wars and high unemployment, it’s not surprising that veterans are of the country’s most underserved populations. By supporting those that have sacrificed for us today, we are helping build a better workforce, community, and country for tomorrow.

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$6.5 million investedsince 2001

Social entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurs are creating innovative technologies, building systems, and designing promising solutions to attack some of society’s most challenging problems. Our investments in this area are helping to scale and improve the work of the courageous leaders and organizations who are striving to fix the unfixable.

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$5.5 million investedsince 2001