The PwC Charitable Foundation supports the people of PwC in times of need and invests in emerging solutions to society’s greatest challenges in education and humanitarianism.

What’s going on

Veterans Day 2015 Our $1 Million Grant to Four Block Foundation

Four Block supports transitioning veterans and their families with beginning new careers and discovering meaningful ways to continue their service here at home.

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We invest in three main cause areas:

People of PwC

We support the people of PwC in times of unexpected hardship and celebrate with them in times of remembrance and achievement. We help fund the charities where they volunteer and engage them in our work.

Internal programs


We are driving educational change in the US by investing in innovative programs and collaborating with the organizations and transformational entrepreneurs who are developing them.

Educational organizations


We respond with urgency and sensitivity in times of disaster and build more resilient communities through innovative ventures that advance preparedness and recovery capabilities.

Humanitarianism organizations

We track our outcomes across three cause areas:

People of PwC

$3 million since 2001


$20.3 million since 2001


$8.1 million since 2001

Our cumulative grantmaking and investments through FY14:

$31.4 million